The 5 Best Beach Chairs For Your Body

One of the most important items you may need this summer is a beach chair. Beach chairs have evolved so much over the years. Whether it is for catching some sun, people watching, or cocktail drinking, these are the best types of beach chairs out now for your body.

The Backpack Beach Chair

If you are looking for comfort and an easily transportable chair at the same time, you can’t go wrong with the backpack beach chair. These beach chairs are very easy to fold up and they remain closed as you walk. They come with zippered pouches, adjustable straps, and are not too heavy to carry..Once you leave the beach, there is no need to stop into your car to drop them off. Keep them on your back and head to your next stop with them.

Beach Chair with Canopy

A great way to fight shade is not with your sunglasses, but with a beach chair that comes equipped with a canopy. The attached canopy will protect you from the sun and stay in place since it is attached to the chair. This beach chair makes many activities a whole lot easier. You can read a book, play cards, and even see the screen on your phone without squinting and looking for shade. Adjust to your liking and make those super hot beach days more bearable than ever.

Beach chair with Cup Holder

If you are someone who enjoys enjoying a few drinks at the beach, or simply hate getting sand into your beverage of choice, then you must purchase a beach chair equipped with a cup holder. This beach chair will keep sand out of your beverages. Keep your posture healthier by not having to lean over to grab your drink out of the sand. The cup holder is also great to hold other small articles – such as keys, a phone, sunscreen, and small snacks.

Beach Chair with Footrest

When you are not on your feet, it is best that they rest. The perfect way to rest your feet is while sitting back in a beach chair that comes with a footrest. You can choose to remain sitting straight up or go for a slight recline. On the footrest, you have space to spread out a towel or other belongings that you might want to shelter from the sun. If you are looking for a more extreme version of this, head to our next beach chair featured below.

Zero Gravity Beach Chair

One of our most favorite beach chairs is the zero gravity beach chair. In this type of beach chair, you can prop your legs up and lean back, with your entire body slowly reclining to the sky. Choose how far you would like to lean back. This beach chair is the most relaxing for your entire body and is super easy to take naps in.

It is hard to decide which beach chair to choose. They all have great features and functions. If you would like to learn more on which one you should purchase, check out our article on “Best Beach Chairs Review” before choosing the one for you.

So, which beach chair would you choose?

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