10 Best 3 Speed Beach Cruiser Bicycle Reviews

There are a lot of 3 speed beach cruiser bikes for sale, and it can be difficult to identify which one will be just right for your needs. These 3-speed beach cruiser bikes reviews will help you narrow down your choices to get your new bike in time for the seasons to shift and you to get back outdoors.

10 Best Reviews of 3 Speed Beach Cruiser Bicycle

When examining the different beach cruiser bikes for sale, it can be vital to look for all the features that you want to ensure that you will want to use your new bike for years to come. Some things to be on the lookout for are weight, comfort, type of brakes, and size.

01. Micargi Rover 3 Speed Beach Cruiser Bicycle Review

The Micargi Rover Beach Cruiser is a 26-inch beach cruiser bike that is perfect for an afternoon bike ride across the sand. It is lightweight even though it has a steel frame, has alloy rims, and a coaster brake. One of the biggest benefits of the Micargi Rover 3 Speed Beach Cruiser is that the 3-Speed hub offers low maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about needing to have a lot of technical knowledge for this bike to be serviced. Reviewers of the Micargi Rover NX3 say that it has a comfortable ride that is fast.

02. Fito Modena II Alloy Shimano Nexus Beach Cruiser

The Fito Modena II Alloy Shimano Nexus Beach Cruiser Bike is an excellent aluminum beach bike that comes with a lot of features. This 26-inch beach cruiser bike is made of aluminum meaning that it is lightweight, but also that it is not likely to rust, unlike steel framed bikes. This frame is also two inches longer than most regular frames, making it a good choice for someone that is tall and finds regular bikes a bit uncomfortable to ride. Another bonus with this 3 speed beach cruiser bicycle is that it comes almost completely assembled. The only things that need to be installed are the pedals, front wheel, handlebar and the seat. It is recommended that you receive professional help if you need any adjustments to the gears, wheels, or brakes if you are unfamiliar with the best ways to adjust these properly. It is often better to be safe with these kinds of things. Reviews of this 3-speed beach bike are that is has a nice ride and that it is easy for the rider to pedal.

03. Men’s In The Barrel Beach Cruiser by Sixthreezero

Men’s In The Barrel Beach Cruiser by Sixthreezero is another 26-inch beach cruiser bike that is perfect for leisurely bike riding. This aluminum beach bike features a soft saddle that is meant for long rides, has coaster brakes, and the durable rims are double walled for added tire protection. This also has an elongated frame that makes it ideal for taller riders, and it is adjustable to accommodate any size. Sixthreezero beach cruiser bikes reviews note that this is a great bike for older riders.

04. Urban Lady Bicycle by Firmstrong

Urban Lady Bicycle by Firmstrong is a great women’s beach cruiser. This bike is ideal for women that are five to six feet tall. The balloon tires make for a cushioned ride on any surface, and the steel frame makes this a very sturdy investment. It has a KT Coaster Brake and also comes in a single or seven-speed version depending on your preference if a 3 speed beach cruiser is too much or not enough speed. This bike was made for casual riding, and the dual springs will make it a soft ride. The bike will come to you 80 percent assembled, and that is always a bonus in not having to put it all together. The Urban Firmstrong Beach Cruiser reviews note how much they enjoy the easy to assemble aspect, how easy it rides, and the extra mile that Beachbikes goes for their customers.

05. Urban Man Bicycle by Firmstrong

Firmstrong Urban Man Bicycle by Urban Man is perfect for riders that are looking for a beach cruiser 3 speed to pick up for some fun bike rides. This bike offers affordability along with a comfortable ride. You can expect this bike to arrive about 80 percent assembled making it quick for you to get on the road to adventure. Comfort is key with this bike as it has an oversized seat, dual springs, and over two inch wide tires. It even offers a guard that will help your pants from getting pulled into the chain as you are riding. The brake is a rear coaster brake. The Urban man beach cruiser bike reviews note that the assembly is simple, the handlebar grips add to the luxury of this bike, and customer service is on point.

06. Men’s In The Barrel 26-Inch Bike by Sixthreezero

Men’s In The Barrel 26-Inch Bike by Sixthreezero has a great deal to offer with some great features. A forward pedaling design, extended steel frame, and comfort pedals make for a great ride. Keep that ride going with the seat and handlebars made from comfort bubble materials that keep you riding at ease. The dual suspension is perfect if you plan to use this 3-speed beach cruiser on a variety of surfaces. The Sixthreezero in the Barrel 3 Speed has a smooth ride and is easy to use without any complicated gear systems that can throw some users off. You can just hop on and go. The Sixthreezero bike reviews are glowing, recounting how this bike works well for tall men, has a great design, and that the durability of the product is excellent.

07. Women’s 26-Inch Bike by Sixthreezero

Ladies looking for a 3-speed beach cruiser should pay some attention to the Women’s 26-Inch Bike by Sixthreezero as it has some very nice features. This Sixthreezero beach cruiser has a nice classic look, but this bike goes beyond just looking nice. It has a KT Coaster Brake, comfortable bucket seat, comfy block pedals, a sturdy steel frame, and a dual-suspension. Sixthreezero in the Barrel 3 speed is lightweight and offers a riding style that is upright. Reviewers of this ladies’ beach cruiser bike love the customer service, that it rides with ease, and gets plenty of compliments.

08. Bella Bicycle by Firmstrong

Bella Bicycle by Firmstrong packs a big punch in a beautiful bike. This is perfect for getting a little exercise in on the beach or going for a fun ride at the beach or park. It has Shimano Internal gear technology, simple brakes that you just pedal backward to activate, an open position for riders, and is very comfortable. Firmstrong Beach Cruiser reviews rave about this bike in that it brings back happy memories, it’s easy to ride, durable, and very easy to assemble.

09. Bruiser Man Bicycle by Firmstrong

Bruiser Man by Firmstrong Bicycle has a beefier look that is rather modern that is perfect for men that want something that seems more masculine when it comes to beach cruisers. The Firmstrong Urban beach cruiser has some additional features that make it perfect for smooth rides along the beach or tackling hills around the city. It is sized for men that are five foot and above with an extended frame length by four inches with adjustable handlebars and seat height. The thick tires, rear coaster brake, and comfort seat make this bike one that you can enjoy for hours. Firmstrong Beach Cruiser reviews include reviewers loving the style, ease to put it together, great customer service, and that the gears shift easily.

10. Chief Man Bicycle by Firmstrong

The final great bet for a new beach cruiser is the Firmstrong Chief Man Bicycle by Firmstrong. The Firmstrong Chief 3 speed offers some excellent features with a design that allows for the seat to be close to the ground that makes it easy to push off for any ability level while still having enough room for complete leg extension when pedaling. This is a very easy bike that provides a smooth ride with thick tires, comfortable seat, and an elongated frame design. The reviews of the Firmstrong Urban man 3 speed are overly complimentary. Some users report that they are able to enjoy this bike although they are large men, that it rides well off road as well as on a track, is comfortable, along with having the right balance of cost and quality.


The verdict is that it can be easy to feel as though your decision on which 3 speed beach cruiser bikes for sale is awfully hard in trying to find the right one for you. That is always a potential downside when there are so many quality brands to choose from when shopping for any item. Comparing each of the features, reading 3-speed beach cruiser reviews, and doing your homework on the different brands is your best way to go for you to be able to finally pull the trigger. The great beach cruiser 3-speed bikes that are included on this list make for the perfect starting place in your search. You’ll be zooming around your neighborhood and/or beach in no time.

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