Best adjustable lightweight aluminum folding beach chair review : Lafuma LFM2337-3865 Low Elips

Check the best aluminum folding beach chair review here with lightweight and adjustable features information which can make your beach day great.

There are lots of models to consider but few of them can match the built and quality of Lafuma LFM2337-3865 Low Elips Aluminum Folding Beach Chair. This chair offers a perfect blend of great comfort and maximum durability.

It has constantly featured among the best aluminum folding beach chair reviews owing to its quality construction and timeless design. Lets go deeper and see what this beach chair has to offer for your money.

Aluminum folding beach chair review based on the features of this Lafuma LFM2337-3865 Low Elips chair

There are certain features that give this chair an edge over other lightweight aluminum folding beach chairs on the market. Below we are going to review each feature so that you can decide whether this beach chair is a perfect match for you.

Durable and lightweight construction

The lightweight aluminum frame incorporated in this chair makes it weigh at just 6.1 pounds. This renders it much easier to to relocate from one place to another.

The frame is covered in a high-strength fabric that is resilient to rot, UV radiation, mildew attack and fading. This enables it to maintain its strength for years to come while looking as good as new.

5-position low-profile reclining seat adjustable beach chair

lightweight-aluminum-folding-beach-chairThis is an adjustable beach chair designed with ultimate user comfort in mind. It features a large arched seat, backrest and armrests for maximum relaxation and support. The seat can be set to 5 different recline points to provide a more customized sitting and resting position. The mesh fabric that makes up the seat renders it breathable for added comfort.

Unlike most models, this adjustable beach chair features a low-profile design. This works well in lowering the center of gravity to make the chair more stable. Therefore you can rest in peace without worrying about tipping over.

Easy-to-fold design aluminum beach chairs folding

This chair provides the convenience of a foldable design. It can fold to less than half its size. This makes it more convenient to store and transport. Unlike most aluminum beach chairs folding mechanism, this one is much easier to execute and can be achieved in just a matter of seconds.

Lafuma LFM2337-3865 Low Elips Chair Specs

  • Frame is of 22mm lightweight aluminum tube
  • Overall dimension of chair is 27.6 x 23.6 x 39.4 inches
  • 6.1 pounds weight


  • Lightweight for easy handling
  • Breathable for great user comfort
  • Easy to fold and transport
  • Can be set to multiple recline positions
  • Excellent back and lumbar support
  • Highly resistant to weather elements


  • Quite expensive compared to other models

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Lafuma LFM2337-3865 Low Elips is among the best options in beach chairs. It is stylish, comfortable and very durable. This aluminum beach chairs folding mechanism is easy to execute, which renders it ideal for travel. It offers the best value for your money and constantly receives positive comments and high ratings in best aluminum folding beach chair reviews.

So if you are looking for lightweight aluminum folding beach chairs, look no further than Lafuma LFM2337-3865 Low Elips Beach Chair. It will provide the best deal for your money.

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