Sixthreezero in the barrel 3 speed beach cruiser bicycle review

They come in 1-speed, 3-speed, and 7-speed varieties and provide you with a smooth ride. No matter what your size or height, there is a sixthreezero in the barrel 3 speed cruiser is for you. Easy to maneuver and ready for any terrain – it is a bikers dream. It’s comfortable, whether you are riding in the upright position or not.

Sixthreezero Bike Reviews

The 3 speed beach cruiser reviews are too numerous to count. But they all have the same message – great ride, easy to ride and comfortable. You will find sixthreezero bike reviews show that the Three speed beach cruiser is the bicycle of choice. No other ride gives as great a feel or is easy on the eyes.

Awesome Wheels

If you are looking for a ride that is smooth no matter the terrain, the sixthreezero in the barrel 3 speed with its 26 inch wheels may be what you are looking for. They are wide and soft promising and giving a more comfortable transit. It is the perfect ride for commuting from one place to another. It is just right for just cruising at your own leisure. Sixthreezero says it this way, “Ride easy!”

Great Brakes

Located in the hub of the back wheel you could not feel more secure, knowing that when the brake is applied, the sixthreezero will respond to how you want to stop. There are no hand brakes on the sixthreezero in the barrel 3 speed bike, but there is a brake in the hub.

Features and Specs of sixthreezero in the barrel 3 speed beach cruiser bicycle review

  • Weighs 40 lbs
  • Overall 42”Hx28.5 Wx73”D
  • Forward pedaling device
  • Cruiser smooth crank design (40 teeth chain wheel, 22 teeth rear sprocket)
  • Shimano internal 3-speed hub with easy-to-use Nexus shifter
  • Crankset: sixthreezero Smooth Cruise Configuration. Allows for Easy pedaling and smooth riding

Specs of sixthreezero in the barrel 3 speed beach cruiser bicycle review

  • Overall: 42″ H x 28.5″ W x 73″ D
  • Pedal: 3.75″ W x 3.75″ D
  • Handlebar: 28.5″ W
  • Front Wheel Diameter: 26″
  • Rear Wheel Diameter: 26″
  • Tire Width: 2.125″
  • Handlebar Grip Diameter: 1″
  • Maximum Seat Height: 41.25″
  • Minimum Seat Height: 34″

These are just some of the features and specifications of this sixthreezero in the barrel 3 speed perfection.

The Pros and Cons have been taken from the 3 speed beach cruiser reviews:

The Pros of Having this Bicycle

  • Rides smoothly
  • Not loud when in motion and not colorful
  • Easily assembled
  • Slightly deflated tires gives that soft yet smooth feel
  • Braking easier than using handbrakes
  • Well built and high quality
  • Frame designed for easy mounting and dismounting
  • Design allows for upward seating
  • Comfortable

The Cons of Having this Bicycle

  • Not able to see any faults readily
  • Kickstand not for all sizes

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The In the Barrel 3 speed cruiser is one of the most sought after bicycle with its 18” extended frame. It is best fitted to taller persons but with a few minor adjustments any person of any height and weight can be the most suited car. It is one of the more efficient types of bicycle. You better get yours now.

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